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Any type of school can join Eco-Schools. This includes early learning centres, pre-schools, primary schools, high schools, colleges, special schools, from any sector- government, denominational, private or homeschool!
There is no cost to register with the Eco-Schools program. Should you choose to apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag your school may be sent an invoice and charged $350 (+ GST) after your Green Flag Assessment. This is charged every two years, every time a school chooses to renew their Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Eco-Schools is run by Keep Australia Beautiful , a small NFP. This payment covers the cost of: Green Flag desk assessment; a school’s Green Flag and certificate (including P&P); and program administration costs. In essence this payment means the Eco-Schools program can continue operating across Australia: recognising the fantastic environmental actions of young people throughout the country and helping the Eco-Schools team engage new schools in environmental action and education.

Schools are eligible to apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag when they have addressed at least three of our seven Themes with the seven Step process. That is, each Theme covered must have documented evidence in each of the seven Steps.

How quickly your school achieves Green Flag accreditation is up to your Eco-Committee. It may be feasible for your school to cover three Themes within one school year, but if it’s not, don’t let this discourage you!

If your school can only tackle one Theme in a school year, you can still submit an application and be eligible for an Eco-Schools Bronze award. If you keep this theme up the next year, and add a second Theme, at the end of that year you can submit an application for an Eco-School Silver Award. Keep both of these Themes up, and adding a third the next year will make your school eligible for an Eco-Schools Green Flag!

One of the key features of the Eco-Schools program is it’s flexibility, meaning that each Eco-Committee is entirely free to decide on how big (or small) the actions in their Action Plan are. We are just as excited to recognise the installation of regular nude food days as we are the installation of a comprehensive waste service. If you do decide to complete a larger Eco-Schools project, this doesn’t have to be complete before applying for an Eco-Schools Green Flag and can be used as evidence for multiple Eco-Schools Green Flag awards.