We are passionate about engaging young people in environmental education and action. We do this by providing a simple seven-step framework that guides, empowers and motivates pupils to drive change and improve environmental awareness in their school, local community and beyond.

After completing the seven step process, schools can then apply for Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation, which recognises, rewards and celebrates the environmental achievements of young people.

Any school – whether regional, metropolitan, rural, big, small, tiny – can join Eco-Schools Australia and make a difference today!


Registration for and completion of the Eco-Schools program is open to all schools. Joining is free!


Local Councils, ROCs or organisations looking to support and increase environmental education in your local area. Discounted rates available.


Companies or businesses interested in sponsorship of this program, or Environmental Education organisations looking to collaborate.

“Eco Schools membership has significantly increased the authenticity of learning experiences for the students at our school. Children have been engaged in real life learning. Their ability to work in groups and creatively problem solve real-life challenges has been greatly enhanced. The new Australian Curriculum delivery can be supported greatly by joining up to Eco Schools and I urge all schools to give it serious consideration. Benefits to the school also include great savings to the budget. In one year our school reduced its utilities bill by $10,000 with student-led initiatives. Teachers and students also report higher levels of student engagement across all key learning areas as a result of being involved in the program.”

Andrew Best
Principal, Harrington Park Public School NSW