What is the triple bottom line?

How do your actions and purchases impact your immediate community and the global community?

This theme focuses on the ways in which schools might consider their purchasing policy to encourage environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Ideas and Inspiration

Students and teachers are encouraged to positively impact local and global communities through making changes to existing systems or starting a project from scratch such as

  • Only purchasing fair trade certified chocolate for the school canteen
  • Organic food
  • Fair trade coffee and local products for staff rooms
  • Eliminating palm oil products in the school food tech labs.

Some key words and concepts in the Fair Go theme:

  • Social Justice
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • Global Citizenship
  • Equality & Diversity
  • The Triple Bottom Line (Environmental, Economic & Social Sustainability)
  • Fair Trade

Some helpful resource links:

Fair Go Teaching Idea – Is it Fair?

Students use the question “is it fair?” to explore the social, economic and environmental factors that shape the society we live in.

Fair Go Teaching Idea – The School Wallet

Use this activity to develop students’ knowledge about the wide ranging factors effecting, and affected by, everyday purchasing choices. Students will consider the concept of consumer power in identifying and choosing goods and services that are ethical and sustainable.

Fair Go Teaching Idea – Our Place

Students explore fairness in the context of a shared place in the local community.

Fair Go Teaching Idea – Stepping up to Sustainable Goals

A practical guide to integrating the SDGs into our daily lives, including our practical activities, year plan, networking and
sustainable centre developments through change‐choice‐practices.