Bronze Award Application

Wow, you're ready to apply for your first award!

Congratulations on getting this far on your school journey to environmental sustainability. What follows is a checklist to make sure you have met all the criteria to take home your bronze award. We're going to ask you to expand on some detail, you can keep this brief and dot points are fine. Don't forget to include supporting documentation so we can witness the path you have travelled so far.

First up a bit of admin. Eco-Schools Australia will only approve awards to schools who are up-to-date with their annual registration fee and their annual survey. Make sure your school has met these criteria before you start – not sure? We can find out for you, simply email to ask the question.

Thank you. Now let's get started.


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Environmental Review & Baseline Survey

An Environmental Review has not been submitted in the past 12 months. Please ensure you complete and submit an Environmental Review. Once it is submitted, this checkbox will be automatically ticked.

    Action Plan

    Monitoring & Evaluation

    Curriculum Links

    Inform & Involve


    Virtual high five! Thank you for taking the time to apply for your award. Once you're ready, click Submit, and we'll look over your submission and get back to you as soon as possible to ask for more information if needed or to approve your award.